Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Me and my future  roomie April met up and decided to go for some cocktails at the W. She's the worst influence ever we were drinking from about 3pm.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Exhibition

Friday night was a big night for my friend Emma who showcased her final uni pieces at an exhibition in New Cross. The venue was held atold police station and trying to locate it from New Cross station all alone felt like a scene from Kidulthood. I'm talking trackie wearing thugs hiding around every corner and crazy old Rastafarians reciting gibberish to me under their breathe. Luckily after a few panicked phone calls Emma managed to locate me complete with a glass of wine in hand, love that girl.

Emma's Boudoir 

At Night

River Thames

These were some of my favourite pieces, the pictures featured at night were held in a dark prison cell using only tea lights for lighting and rubbish was scattered around in corners for a true street vibe and the River Thames pictures did themselves such justice that props were unnecessary. 

I bumped into this guy having a cigar and just had to take a picture of that moustache. The toilet at this place had a chain which you flushed from outside and was enough to make anyone never want to get onto the wrong side of the law again. We found the message below written on the toilet door.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bastyan, Bastyan, Bastyan

 Working next door to Bastyan is proving bad for my sanity. All I do all day is stare longingly over at their clothes.  Pray for me and my bank card


Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Whole Galaxy's Gone Mad

I've suddenly become a little bit galaxy print mad. The trend all started with Kipling's Peter Pilotto bags a few year's back. Now Christopher Kane has followed in the footsteps and created his Galaxy collection and bang there you have it, new trend alert. My favourite peice at the minute is a pair of Galaxy wedges hand painted by french photographer Alexandra Sophie. They should be available in the summer at Kustom Kix and i'll be the first in line to get myself a pair.