Monday, 13 February 2012

Fashion Taboos

Some people look at shopping in the end of season sales as an enormous fashion taboo, I look at it as an excuse to buy that Aqua skirt I've been guiltily eyeing up for weeks.

Aqua Pam Bow Front Tailored Maxi Skirt  

I can't even think to make up an occasion or an excuse for me to buy this skirt other then the fact that it's so beautiful. Whatever, I'm sure a party or event will come up sometime this year where I can put this purple mass of amazingness to good use. 

Of all the little bits and peices I've been introduced to this month my greatest discovery has to be this little gem.. 

Rituals Gemstone Foundation 

I discovered it purely by chance when having a nose around their shop in Walton and the sales girl kindly supplied me with loads of little samples. A week later, I was hooked on the stuff and my Mac was pushed to the back of the shelf to make room for my new favourite. Now I'm not over exaggerating here, after treating mys skin to the pure minerals and extracts of Amethyst everyday going back to Mac feels like dipping my face in a tub of Dulux paint. The best thing about Rituals is that although it gives your skin enough air to breath  it also provides great coverage.

KG Sesame

You know when you find a pair of shoes which you just can't stop thinking about and when you make the decision to invest in them suddnely they're gone. Nobody has them in stock and nobody can order them in for you. For a deeply sad while I didn't think I'd ever get these beauties within my mitts but a last minute trip to Oxford Street's House of Fraser found me the very last pair. Praise the Lord 

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